Embodied Counseling

When we sit in what is true for us in the moment, the pain, the anger, the sadness, the discomfort, our experience is transformed by our very presence. 

When we bring nonjudgemental awareness to our pain, we connect with more of ourselves than we knew before, and through that connection, we realize that we ARE more than we knew before.  This allows for a new way of moving through pain, a path of ease. 

What was anger becomes strength.  What was hopelessness becomes choice.  What was uncomfortable becomes capacity.  From this awareness comes a different perspective on what had been painful, overwhelming, or traumatic.

What Embodied Counseling looks like

A session begins by discussing what is present at the moment, for example, an issue at work, a disturbing interaction, a feeling of anger or sadness, a physical pain or discomfort, or a greater sense of dissatisfaction or purposelessness.

As we explore the issue, we hone in on something that will give us a doorway to greater understanding, i.e., a belief, a specific emotion, a tension in the body. We move into a more mindful place, giving our full attention to that thing. We explore the other aspects of that thing so that we fully understand that one thing from it's physical and emotional components to how it effects our beliefs and limits us or allows us to grow.
When we have a full experience of any given block to our full expression of ourselves, that block is no longer necessary and it can transform into what we need at that moment.​​
Experience your truth...​ leave your issues behind.