When we are stressed we look for familiar, automatic ways of soothing or comforting our minds, emotions, and our bodies. 

Substances, including drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and food, or activities, including the Internet, gambling, work or sex, can bring us emotional comfort as well as calm the over activation of our nervous system. 

Over time, these addictions can take over our lives, leaving no room for the joy, comfort, connection, and pleasure that we truly crave.

When we come to understand these connections without judgement, we can find new, healthier ways to comfort and soothe that don't create the unwanted side effects of addictions. 

Then we can look at the deeper issues that led to the automatic soothing behaviors, so that those issues can be transformed into a path of greater ease and true comfort.

Food and Weight

Our culture has some basic "truths" about food and weight, especially for women. Some of them are: there are "good" foods and "bad foods", we need someone to tell us what to do because we don't know, if only we could find the "right" diet we would be ok. These are all lies and when we come to recognize these lies, and others, we are on the road to changing our lives forever.

"Taking Your True Shape", is a program developed by Dr. Rebecca Ocean that will guide you through the most common, and misunderstood, myths of the diet industry. Counseling in conjunction with this extraordinary program will help you to integrate what is most important for you and help you to clarify the obstacles keeping you from your ideal food plan and weight, and the supports that you need to get what you want not just from food, but from life.

This program includes:

  • 10 weeks of informational downloads
  • Worksheets to help you process the material
  • Recipes and food structure guides that will help you find what works for you
  • Analysis of your unique body
  • Weekly sessions to answer questions and help you understand your own process with food